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January 20, 2024

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A cozy winter in-home milestone family portrait session in Indianapolis, Indiana

An Indianapolis mother poses for a photo with her baby in front of a large window during their in-home portrait session with family photographer Katelyn Ng Photography.

While I love photographing families outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall months, there is just something magical about sessions that take place in my client’s homes. As an Indianapolis family photographer, I love in-home portrait sessions because we can document your family in the space that is unique to you.

Why should I consider an in-home family portrait session?

This is your home base…your space! Your home goes beyond the furnishings and the toys that litter the rugs. Your children will remember the sights, yes. But, they will remember the smell of their favorite foods cooking, the way the house looked in the evening when the lights were low and the cozy feeling of you reading to them. They will remember what it was like to come home. The way they felt in your home will be part of your children’s memories.

So, why not preserve this environment that was so much a part of their childhood?

Milestone portrait sessions that include the whole family

When Miriam inquired about a family portrait session to celebrate their son’s six month milestone, we planned for a session inside their Indianapolis home because of the chilly temps outdoors. I always like to include the whole family during milestone sessions. Together we document the tender moments between you and your child while also preserving their little expressions that are so fleeting in babyhood.

I love the cozy sweaters, textures, and colors Miriam chose for her family that work so beautifully with their home. She selected a gown from my complementary Motherhood Wardrobe and it looked stunning with her hair color and complexion.

We ventured upstairs to their daughter’s room for a few minutes during my time with them and I love the candid moments we caught there as well. What a delightful gift it will be for this couple to be able to look back on this sweet time with their darling little ones.

Here are a few of my favorites from my time with the Watson Family!

A little boy in a cozy cream sweater gazes softly at the camera in portrait by Indianapolis in-home family photographer, Katelyn Ng.
A family of four sits on the steps in their home.
A little girl reaches up to give her father a kiss as she sits next to him on the couch.
A little boy wearing a sweater smiles at the camera in a portrait by Indianapolis family photographer Katelyn Ng Photography.
A family of four poses together for a photo in front of a large window in their Indianapolis home.
A little girl stares at the camera during her family's in-home session with Indianapolis photographer, Katelyn Ng Photography.
A mother wearing a blue and white dress looks out the window of her home in Indianapolis during family photos with Katelyn Ng Photography.
A black and white portrait of a baby boy by Indianapolis in-home family photographer Katelyn Ng.
A little girl plays in her bedroom while her mother holds her brother in a photo by Katelyn Ng.
A mother kneels and she and her daughter smile at one another in their home.
An Indianapolis family of four plays lightheartedly together during their in-home family portraits by Katelyn Ng Photography.
An emotive black and white photo of a mother tenderly holding her baby boy in her arms.
A mother and her daughter pose together on a light colored couch in their home.
A father leans in to kiss his wife's forehead as they hold their children close in a photo by Indianapolis family photographer Katelyn Ng.
A mother snuggles her baby boy and tenderly holds him as she relaxes in her Indianapolis home.
A black and white photo of a baby boy sitting on the floor in front of his mother.

Looking for an In-home Indianapolis Family Photographer?

Katelyn Ng is an Indianapolis family photographer who offers both in-home portrait session as well as outdoor sessions. For more information on what it is like to work with Katelyn, head here.

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