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Maternity Photos Indianapolis | Top 10 Locations

March 31, 2023

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You’re expecting! First off, a huge congrats to you, Mama! As a photographer specializing in maternity photos in Indianapolis, I love helping my clients pick a location that best fits the vibe they are envisioning.

Things to consider when selecting a location for maternity photos in Indianapolis

Before we talk about specific locations, here are a few things to consider when selecting a location for your maternity photos!

  • Your aesthetic and your photographer’s style
  • Season of the year
  • Travel distance
  • Additional photography permit fees

Maternity photo of couple in field near Indianapolis by Katelyn Ng Photography.

Is it a good match? Choosing an Indianapolis photographer for maternity photos.

One of the most important aspects to selecting a location for your maternity photos in Indianapolis is making sure your photographer is a great match for your aesthetic.

If you aren’t head over heels in love with the style of your photographer’s photos as shown on their website and in their social media posts, you are almost guaranteed to walk away from your experience not loving your photos.

Make sure it’s a good match, and that you can trust your photographer.

No matter the location and background you decide upon together, your photographer should demonstrate consistency.

99% of photographers will not change the style of the editing for a client.

Why? This is for several reasons, but the main reason necessary here is that is an extension of who they are as an artist and business owner.

If they are a professional, they have taken years upon years to hone and develop their shooting and editing style. They know their top picks for locations and so it’s always best to ask if they have a favorite spot!

Really wanting to include some regal or historic architecture? Let them know! Want to keep it wide open, natural and simple in a field? Make sure to tell them your dream and then let them create magic for you!

As a photographer who specializes in maternity photos in Indianapolis, I’m happy to share a few of my favorites here, but always make sure to consult your photographer.

Black and white close up maternity photo of expecting couple in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How many weeks pregnant should you be for maternity photos?

As you calculate which month you’ll want to schedule your maternity photos, consider how many weeks gestation you’ll be at the time of your session.

Most maternity photo sessions take place between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. This time frame is somewhat flexible, but typically around this gestation you still have energy, you aren’t dealing with a ton of swelling (ugh mama, I’ve been there!!) and you still have the beautiful second trimester pregnancy glow!

As a mama who’s been pregnant four times, I can tell you that these are all wins in my book!

On top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy your images you receive in your gallery and share them with family and friends before baby arrives.

(Bonus tip: this is also why it’s a good idea to decide on your photographer before the end of your second trimester of pregnancy. If you’re a little late to the game, it’s ok! Your photographer might still have availability – it doesn’t hurt to ask.)

Indoor and Outdoor Locations for Indianapolis Maternity Photos.

If you’ll be 28-32 weeks pregnant in the winter (which can be really cold in Indianapolis!), you can either opt for an outdoor vibe or a cozy indoor spot.

Have your heart set on the outdoors in Indianapolis? Consider it might be best to opt for something like a Christmas tree farm or a location with holiday decorations. Selecting a location with beautiful architecture, or a wide open field can also create a beautiful ambiance and keep the focus on you, your husband, and your beautiful growing bump!

Christmas themed maternity photo in Carmel, Indiana at the Cake Bake Shop.

If you’re willing to consider an indoor maternity photo shoot, I highly recommend leaning toward cozy neutral session! Utilize that beautiful well-lit kitchen, cuddle up on the couch for a cup of hot cocoa or coffee together! Home can simply be a great spot for maternity photos!

There are many options for Indianapolis maternity photo locations in spring, summer or fall. It may make deciding on a spot hard as there are so many great ones to consider as you’ll see below!

Travel Distance for your Maternity Photo Session

Some maternity session locations in Indianapolis may be closer to your home than others. However, I don’t recommend choosing a location only based upon how long it will take you to drive there.

Maternity photos can be a great opportunity to hit up a great Indianapolis restaurant for a date night after your session.

I mean, you’re already looking incredible, so why not?!

Definitely consider this idea when deciding on a final spot! It may be worth traveling up to an hour or so if you absolutely love a particular location.

Some photographers have a specific range of distance they are willing to travel, or may require travel fee. Check in with your photographer and they will be able to give you details on this. All of the locations on this list below fall within my travel radius as an Indianapolis photographer.

Additional Photography Permit Fees

Many public parks are free to use for professional photography photo sessions, however many are not. Your photographer should know if a public park or location requires them to pay for a professional photography permit in advance.

Some permits for specific locations must be reserved weeks in advance of the photo session. Many popular spots for maternity photos in Indianapolis also have specific stipulations regarding proof of liability insurance (which your photographer most certainly should have).

Some photographers ask their clients to pay for the permit, while others cover the cost. My clients can select any location from this list and I’ll cover the fee for the permit. Make sure to check with your photographer to see what is included in their their location policy.

Top 10 Locations for Maternity Photos in Indianapolis

Here are my top 10 favorite locations for Maternity photos in Indianapolis and the surrounding area!

Newfields Museum photo of a couple and their baby boy by Indianapolis photographer Katelyn Ng.

Stunning Gardens and Architecture: Newfields in Indianapolis, Indiana

This Indianapolis art museum has beautiful well-kept grounds, beautiful gardens, and stunning architecture. What a combo! The availability for this location changes depending on the season.

A paid permit is required to photograph professionally at Newfields, but if you’re a client of mine, it is covered by me as a gift to you! Your photographer must reserve and pay for the permit for your session time 2 weeks in advance of your maternity photos.

Regal and Stately: The Carmel Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, Indiana

Also known as The Palladium, this location in Carmel, Indiana features beautiful stone columns. The steps and the gardens surrounding the stately building are just stunning in the summer. There is no permit fee to shoot here.

As a bonus, this location is just a short walk away from the renown Cake Bake shop – a great date night spot!

A Sweet Spot for Maternity Photos: The Cake Bake Shop in Carmel, Indiana

Speaking of cake, this nationally recognized shop is a sweet location for maternity photos on the north side of Indianapolis! Decorated seasonally, the shop has European inspired architecture outside that photographs beautifully in winter and in spring and summer!

If you want to drop in for dinner after your maternity photo session, make sure to call for a reservation the month or two prior to your session to check availability as it is a very popular date night spot in Indianapolis!

There is also a bakery within the restaurant to grab some yummy macarons, cake, or a delicious speciality latte to go!

Maternity photos of a couple with their son at Historic Ambassador House near Indianapolis, Indiana

Simple and Endearing: The Historic Ambassador House in Fishers, Indiana

This historic home turned wedding venue features a beautiful front porch, landscaped grounds, and an adorable picket fence. This property is available to the public on specific dates and times due to wedding use. This location is perfect for maternity photos, and has lots of easily accessible parking.

Maternity photo of a mother holding her baby bump at the Historic Ambassador House near Indianapolis, Indiana by photographer Katelyn Ng.

Old World Charm: Lockerbie Square Historic District in Indianapolis, Indiana

Old world charm, historic homes, cobblestone paths gives this location lots of beautiful options! There is no fee to shoot here, but you may need to walk a short distance and it does require paid street parking. Maternity photos in Indianapolis are beautiful here in spring, summer, and fall.

Couples photos at Lockerbie Square historic District in Indianapolis by Photographer Katelyn Ng

Scenic and Stately Maternity photos: Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, Indiana

There are different locations here that can make for beautiful maternity photos! Coxhall Mansion provides a stately backdrop in most all seasons!

This location is wonderful for a sunrise session on weekends as it can become crowded. You’ll also have more landscape backdrop variety available closer to sunrise!

A permit from Hamilton County Parks and Recreation is required to photograph professionally on the property. I cover this fee as a gift to my clients.

Family photo at Coxhall Gardens by Indianapolis photographer Katelyn Ng.

Fields and grasses: Flat Fork Creek Park in Fishers/Fortville Indiana

This location has beautiful open fields, beautiful trees and makes for a beautiful nature based background! This location is best 1-2 hours prior to sunset due to the open and vast landscape. This park is especially popular for photography sessions in the summer and fall seasons.

Maternity photo of couple at Flat Fork Creek park in Fishers near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Romantic and Natural Maternity Photos: Flowing Well Park, in Carmel Indiana

I love this park for the beautiful slow flowing creek, the forrest type feel, and generous creek bed to stand on! Mid-late morning sessions are a great fit for this location as it can become very busy in the afternoon. The images I’ve been able to capture here are some of my very favorite and I love photographing couples and families here!

Wide Open Spaces: Franklin Community High School in Franklin, Indiana

Franklin Community High School is surrounded by open rolling hills and paved trails. I love that it has tucked away spots that are lovely for maternity photos on the south side of Indianapolis. If you’re located near the south side suburbs and looking for a simple yet beautiful nature based vibe without a long drive, this is a spot that I recommend and enjoy using! This location is great for a sunset maternity session.

Available Again: West Park in Carmel, Indiana

This location on the north side of Indianapolis provides beautiful open landscapes and flora and fauna. It was closed because it was under construction for a while, but it has re-opened!

From natural, wide open landscapes to stately and regal architecture, Indianapolis offers a variety of great options for maternity photos. Preserving this season of motherhood is so important, and you won’t regret having beautiful images of your growing family when your little one arrives!

Are you interested in finding out more information about booking your own Indianapolis maternity photos? Find out more here.

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