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Babymoon Ideas Close to Indianapolis | Katelyn Ng Photography

August 3, 2023

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A pregnant woman stands on a beach looking over the water in Holland Michigan in a maternity photo by Katelyn Ng Photography.

Ideas for Planning a Relaxing Babymoon Close to Indianapolis

Babymoon trips have become very popular over the past several years. Whether you are looking for a quick getaway together, or want to take a more extended trip with your husband, a babymoon can be a great time to connect with your spouse and savor the season before your little one arrives. As an Indianapolis newborn photographer I know some couples want to stay a little closer to home (for a variety of reasons) so this post will focus specifically Babymoon location ideas that are close to Indy. All of the locations listed here are within a six hour drive and do not require a flight or navigating an airport.

What is a Babymoon?

What is a babymoon? This term is thrown around frequently! The key idea is that it’s a getaway that includes you and your spouse. The trip can be over a weekend or be much longer and last a week or two. No matter the length of trip you decided is best for your family, the time away focuses on you connecting as a couple. The goal is to enjoy time together before you welcome your new baby. Babymoon trips are not only for couples expecting their first child, so if you have other children do not let that stop you!

3 Steps to Planning a Fun and Relaxing Babymoon

Before you decide on an exact location, it’s important to take the following steps before trip in order to maximize your experience.

Get your doctor’s clearance

Before you spend hours researching the best, most relaxing getaway, it is really important to get the go-ahead from your OB or Midwife. According to Mayo Clinic, air travel is generally considered safe prior to 36 weeks of pregnancy unless you have specific complications to take into consideration. However, it is always best to ask in case they any concerns or tips for you specifically as you travel.

When I was planning to travel several states away during my first pregnancy, my OB at the time suggested I get out every couple of hours to stretch my legs and walk around to prevent blood clots. She also recommended avoiding overly salty foods. Make sure to check with your care provider so you don’t end up planning a huge vacation only to find out that it’s not recommended.

Decide what makes a relaxing trip for you

Getting on the same page with your spouse is key at this stage of the planning. Maybe you envision long walks around the city enjoying all of the foodie options available while your spouse would rather catch a concert? Should you plan for a couple’s massage? What kind of cuisine would you like to enjoy? Do they offer pregnancy safe massages? How early do you both like to begin the day? Do you want to walk a lot? Nature or city? Taking the time to sit down and throw around ideas for what you consider fun or restful can make the experience memorable for both of you.

It can be helpful to plan your babymoon for the middle to end of your second trimester. During this part of pregnancy you’ll probably feel the most energetic and probably experience the fewest number of uncomfortable symptoms (I’m looking at you, swollen ankles). You’ll also be able to handle a several hour drive more comfortably.

Decide on how far you want to travel

After you have decided on the key elements of your trip, it’s important to think about how far you’ll want to travel from Indianapolis to begin your getaway. While it’s always nice to enjoy journey, you should consider how much of your time away you’ll spend traveling to and from your destination of choice. This way you can focus on a specific radius and research choices from there.

4 Babymoon location ideas close to Indianapolis

1. Holland, Michigan

Holland, Michigan boasts beautiful beaches and a small town vibe that is the perfect for relaxing. Depending on when you plan your trip you may be able to find a rental property close on the beach or a spot within a short walk. Walk hand in hand through Holland’s charming downtown and visit boutiques and restaurants. In the summer you can pick blueberries at Bowerman Blueberries Farm Market and enjoy their blueberry custard (delicious!).

The images seen in this post were taken on Holland’s State Park Beach. My sister, brother-in-law, and my niece vacationed in Michigan with us during her pregnancy and I was able to take her maternity photos during our trip. If you dream of beach photos, but live in Indianapolis, coordinate with your newborn photographer to meet you during your trip and memorialize the trip and also check your maternity photos off of your list!

A couple walks along a beach in Holland Michigan, a perfect babymoon destination for couples near Indianapolis.
An expectant mother poses with her husband on a beach in Holland Michigan on vacation.
A man and woman hold their little girl's hand while on vacation in Michigan.
A man and woman pose for a maternity photo in Holland Michigan, a babymoon destination close to Indianapolis.
A man and woman walk along the beach in Holland Michigan, a babymoon location idea close to Indianapolis.

2. Louisville, Kentucky

Coming in second on my list for babymoon ideas close to Indianapolis is Louisville, Kentucky. Known for its horse racing. You can visit Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Grab some ice cream at The Comfy Cow; a fun, local ice cream parlor that boasts a variety of flavors. Less than two hours away, this spot makes for a great overnight trip or weekend getaway.

3. Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking for a babymoon idea that has lots of exciting things to do and see, Chicago, Illinois is a location that might be the perfect destination. Whether you’re ready to tour the many museums or walk Navy Pier and ride the Centennial Ferris Wheel there is something for just about everyone. Visit the Skydeck and enjoy the incredible view inside from “The Ledge” or enjoy fine dining at the historic Chicago Firehouse Restaurant. With incredible eats and sites to see you can fill any amount of time you have to get away to Chicago.

4. St. Louis Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is just about four hours from Indianapolis, and while it may be known for its iconic arch, there are lots of local sites to enjoy. Stay at Beall Mansion (an elegant historic bed and breakfast), explore the historic of St. Charles just outside of St. Louis, or visit the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House. If you’re an animal lover, enjoy a free excursion to the St. Louis Zoo!

Regardless of which destination you choose, there are variety of babymoon getaway options close to Indianapolis! Enjoy your time away, and make some incredible memories before you welcome your new baby!

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