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Fall Family Photos Carmel Indiana | Outfit Formula Series

September 19, 2023

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The Paul Family | A Fall Family Photo Session in Carmel Indiana (and BONUS outfit formula!)

Today’s blog post has some serious fall feels and I’m loving looking back on a session from last year! This sweet family knocked it out of the park with their fall family outfits and I’m so excited to share it with you. Working with Robb, Christie, and their two daughters was so fun and I’m loving the fall family photos they walked away with from our time together in Carmel, Indiana.

But even better, this blog post comes with a BONUS! This is the first of series of blog posts that will share some outfit inspiration if you’re looking for colors and outfit combos that photograph really well. Keep on scrolling and let’s dive in!

A Carmel Indiana family stands outdoors amid autumn leaves in their fall family photos.
A man and a woman embrace in their fall family photos in Carmel Indiana.
Two little girls dressed in florals and pink sit in fall leaves in a portrait by Katelyn Ng Photography.
A dad hugs his daughter in a photo by family photographer Katelyn Ng Photography.
A mom hugs her young daughter during their Carmel, Indiana fall family photo session by Katelyn Ng Photography.
A family dressed in tan, pink and mauve stand among fall foliage during their fall family photos in Carmel Indiana.
A photo of a family with two daughters sits on the ground in Carmel Indiana. Their girls wear light, neutral colors that compliment the fall colors around them.
A young girl poses with her tan hat. She is surrounded by crunchy fall leaves.
A black and white photo of a mother embracing her daughter in a portrait by family photographer Katelyn Ng Photography.
A dad dances with his young daughter who is dressed in pink. She twirls and smiles at the camera during their Carmel, Indiana fall family photos.
Two girls throw leaves into the air during family pictures in a photo by Katelyn Ng Photography.
A man dressed in a tan sweater poses with his wife and daughter during family photos.
A family sits, posed on a white blanket in a fall family photo in Carmel Indiana.
A family walks through fall leaves together, holding hands.

Switching blog platforms has left me catching up on sessions from last year (whew!). But I’m still so excited to share images from the Paul family’s fall family photos in Carmel, Indiana. They are still some of my favorite images, and they needed a permanent place here on the blog!

Fall Family Photos Outfit Formula

I also wanted to share this session because I love how Christie coordinated the colors in her family’s outfits. Not only did she give a nod to the femininity of having two sweet girls, but she used each of their dresses to pull together the family’s overall fall style for their family photos.

Let’s break this outfit formula down

Solid + Solid + Pattern + Solid

The colors here are really awesome for portraits. The tones are muted and soft. If any one of these dresses had a brighter color, it would have overwhelmed the entire family’s color palette. But even worse, it can cause color casting on skin. Christie did a phenomenal job blending colors together. We have a soft pink, a muted rose/mauve, tan, blue, cream, and a teeny tiny bit of mustard.

Fall family photos outfit formula by Katelyn Ng Photography.

The Key to Elevated Outfits for Fall Family Photos

If you’ve browsed Pinterest for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a lot of outfit inspo. But if you browse through your Pinterest boards, you’ll find something that is underlying all of the outfits that feel like they were seamlessly put together.


Seamlessly styled family outfits have the right amount of visual texture. Why is this? Well, in great art you need balance. Too much texture and the eye is overwhelmed, not enough and it can get boring. This is why photographers LOVE it when you combine small prints (visual texture) with other solid clothing pieces. The solids balance out the patterns.

But repeat after me: Solids DO NOT have to be boring! In fact, they can really add “umph” to your whole family style for your fall family photos.

Knitted sweaters, light denim, lace, corduroy, velvet, linen, muslin, and so many other fabrics have visual texture. They can take your outfits to the next level!

Why? Well, these fabrics really add depth and calm in an otherwise overwhelming outdoor space like is often used for family photos.

Check out this real life example in these photos below! Even the family members who are not wearing a pattern are wearing something with texture. This is why this works! Dad’s sweater is a knit, youngest daughter has a velvet dress, and mom’s dress is lace. This keeps the photo interesting but not overwhelming.

Fabrics to stay away from…

But wait…there ARE some fabrics that you want to avoid when stying your outfits for fall family photos. This is where jersey knit will get little bit of a bad rap. Thin jersey knits (you know the ones–they “cling”) just aren’t super flattering. These fabrics are sure flowy, and if they are thicker knit fabrics, they have structure and hold their shape! But, thin knits in adult dresses (especially!) are just not recommended. This fabric just doesn’t photograph well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of a deep dive into just one color palette and outfit inspiration as you build your own outfits for fall family photos!

Meet the Photographer

Hi there! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Katelyn! I’m a family photographer in Carmel, Indiana, wife to my wonderful husband, Dan, and mama to our four wonderful children! As a photographer for the last 11 years, I’ve found such joy in walking alongside growing families as they preserve their family history through meaningful photographs.

Interested in booking your own fall family photos in Carmel Indiana or the greater Indianapolis area? click here to shoot me an email for more info!

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